Tuesday, July 25, 2017

11 Month Update for Alana

My baby girl turns 11 months old today. The last 11 months have been so special and have gone unbelievably quick. Alana is such a sweet girl and I'm having a hard time accepting that she is almost 1!

Alana is such a Momma's girl. I'm so happy that our nursing journey has made it this far and am confident that we'll make it to the one year mark!  She loves eating whatever we eat and gets impatient if you don't feed her fast enough.  Alana sleeps around 11 hours each night and is down to 2 naps a day. Her morning naps have suddenly gotten longer so I'm wondering if her afternoon nap will disappear soon.

She loves crawling after her sister and cruising around furniture. She likes climbing up the steps (even though Mommy tells her not to) and waving Bye Bye. She says Momma, Dada, Bye Bye, duck, cat, ok, quack and Gigi. She tries to mimic everything and loves dancing! Her new favorite toy is Ava's dollhouse and she is so interested in the little people.

I'm so excited to plan her first birthday and can't wait to celebrate her first year. She has been an absolute joy and I love seeing her personality grow. She is very laid back, loves cuddling and gives the best kisses. She adores her big sister and follows her everywhere.  I imagine what she'll be like in years from now and know that'll she be a sweet and caring girl.

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