Thursday, March 2, 2017

6 month update for Alana

My baby is a half of a year old already!  Time sure does fly. Alana is such a relaxed little doll and I just cannot get enough of her. She is a total Momma's girl and is still nursing like a champ.

She had her 6 month checkup this morning!  Alana weighs 15lbs 2oz (27%), is 25.5 inches (28%) and her head circumference is 17.25 inches (87%). She is a little peanut just like I was as a baby. She has inherited her Daddy's large head, but is still managing to sit up all on her own perfectly!

Alana loves grabbing for toys and is such a cuddle bug. She loves being held and is very smiley. She really only cries when she's hungry and when she wants to be held. Ava loves feeding her sis! Alana has tried apples, pears, bananas and prunes. She still hasn't had a tooth break through yet, but I can feel that it's very close. She's still wearing size 2 diapers makes the cutest squinty faces. 😊

The first half of Alana's first year has been such a joy. I love my calm and loving girl so much. Her and Ava are so different in so many ways, and I think they will compliment each other well as they get older!  I can't wait to see Alana continue to grow into a beautiful and smart little baby. I am so proud of her and her sweetness.

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