Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sleeping Soundly with Nested Bean

One of the biggest questions I get from friends, family and followers, is how do you get your baby to sleep through the night?  It's one of those hot topics between Moms and I am definitely no expert. I do however know what has worked for my girls and I'm excited to share a sleep slack from Nested Bean!

Both of my girls were sleeping 6 hour stretches by 6 weeks.  I may be lucky, but I do attribute it also to some of the tricks I've used.  I've always been an advocate of the Baby Wise sleep, eat, play, sleep cycle and have worked hard with both girls to develop a solid sleep routine.  Let's face it, routines and schedules are not always practical with a newborn.  Between growth spurts, cluster feeding and their inability to develop routine at such a young age, a Mom needs whatever tools she can use to get some well needed rest!  In those instances where my daughter would not seem to settle on her own, I have found swaddling to be a huge help.

Nested Bean is different from other swaddles I've previously used.  It mimics your touch with lightly weighted pads on the chest and sides.  One thing I've hated about other velcro swaddles, is how coarse the velcro pads were.  They would easily get stuck to my clothing when rocking my babies to sleep.  The velcro strips on the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Premier is much smoother and still does a fantastic job at snuggling Alana in and keeping her in comfort.  At 11 weeks old, she has slept 9.5-10 hours straight through the night for the last week.  I've also noticed her naps have been longer when using her new swaddle.  The different prints offered are also so adorable!

I'm heading back to work in a few days so it's time to start transitioning Alana into her crib from her rock and play. I've tried a few naps with the zen swaddle premier and I am hoping to have her fully in the crib soon!  I'm so excited to offer a coupon code for my followers. Use code BREE15 to get 15% off and there is free shipping too!

Wishing you and your babes a good nights rest :)


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