Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nursing in style with Loyal Hana

I've seriously missed my wardrobe since Alana has been born. There is nothing worse than knowing you can fit into your old clothes, but feeling restricted because of the lack of accessibility to nurse. I've been stuck wearing tshirts and tanks with a cardigan if I have to leave the house. I was so excited when I found Loyal Hana's nursing friendly apparel. Their clothing can also be warn as maternity and I wish I would have known about them sooner!

Loyal Hana tops have hidden zippers for easy access when nursing. I no longer have to lift my shirt up or down to feed Alana. We've all been there: you're walking around Target with your Starbucks and suddenly, your newborn decides it's time to eat. You can 1. Run to the changing room and feed your baby (while trying to stop your toddler from picking up her Cheerios off of the floor) or 2. Run out to your car and sit in the front seat without worrying about your boob being exposed to the whole parking lot!  I'd prefer option 2...this top does a great job at covering yourself up while keeping your baby happy and fed.

I'm so exited to share a promo code with my followers. You can receive a 15% discount by using code breeisforbeauty15. Happy shopping and good luck to those Mommas on their nursing journey or who are expecting!


  1. I was prepared for scrubs I ordered to not be super soft, but to wash very well. That is exactly true. The scrub tops are not super SOFT, but they are SMOOTH and comfortable for her.

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