Friday, October 28, 2016

2 month update for Alana

Alana turned 2 months old on Tuesday!  I wanted to wait for her checkup to post an update. Alana weighs 10lbs 9oz (26%), is 22 1/4 inches long (34%) and her head circumference is 15.4 inches (73%). My little peanut is just a little tinier than Ava was at this age.

Alana is still exclusively breastfed and loves snuggling with Mommy. She is very attached to me and is always following my voice. The biggest struggle we have is trying to get Alana to take a bottle. We've tried 6 different brands and still haven't had too much luck. I am hopeful that she'll adapt just fine when I go back to work in less than 3 weeks.

Alana is such a smiley little baby. She loves relaxing in the bath and cuddling with Mommy after eating. She makes the sweetest cooing sounds and has found her hands. She has taken a few naps in her crib but still prefers her rock and play. On average, Alana sleeps 6-7 hours a night. She just so happened to sleep from 9-6:30 last night and I'm hoping that's a habit she keeps!!  Alana loves being held and does very well in her car seat. She doesn't like when you set her down for too long and prefers hanging with her sis or being held.  She also hates having her diaper changed!

My babygirl was baptized this past Sunday and it was such a beautiful experience to see my baby become a part of the Church. She was such a good girl and looked like an angel.

I am soaking up every second with my love before I go back to work. I love you Alana Anne!

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