Monday, September 26, 2016

1 Month Update for Alana

Alana had her 1 month check up today and is weighing 8 lbs 13 oz (36%), measuring 20.75" (29%) and her head circumference is 14.75" (78%)!  She is growing perfectly. 

It will always amaze me how quickly time flies when you have a newborn. It's helpful knowing there's an end in sight when experiencing the tough aspects like sleep deprivation, cluster feeding and growth spurts!

Alana has developed a great schedule and has slept a 6 hour stretch through the night for the last week. She eats every 3 hours and will play for a little bit and then is back to sleep. She is so much more alert now and will smile and make the cutest faces. 

The hardest time of the day is from 6pm-9pm. The last week or two, she is awake that entire time and only wants to be feeding. She will only let me hold her at that time and I can get virtually nothing done. I feel so exhausted by the time she falls asleep that I am usually going to bed at the same time. She then only wakes up once, usually between 3-4am to eat and then wakes up between 8-9am to eat again!  

Ava loves trying to pick her sister up, putting a blanky on her, rocking her and giving her little sis lots of kisses :)

I'm happy that I've made it through the first month breastfeeding and feel so much more confident this time. I'm going to continue to take it day by day!

I can't wait to watch my baby girl continue to grow. Alana is such a sweet baby and I just dream and imagine what she'll be like one day. Happy 1 month, Alana💗

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