Friday, January 8, 2016

9 month update for Ava Marie

Ava turned 9 months old today! She is 28 inches tall and 17.7 lbs. 

The last month has been the most fun yet. She is so active and independent for such a little girl. 

Ava has mastered crawling and is able to pull herself up to stand. She loves clapping her hands and sticking her tongue out. She says "dada", "mama" and "bahbah" (her three favorite things of course 😉). 

Ava now has 4 teeth and looks so darn cute with her jack-o-lantern smile. She loves eating all types of food now and has tried pancakes, eggs and a variety of baby food!  Whenever I eat, she wants to take my food. She suddenly hates going into her car seat again, because she hates being restricted from exploring!

She loves following our dog around the house and is more interested in his toys than her own sometimes!  She is so smart and definitely has some sass to her. She's not afraid to vocalize what she likes and doesn't like!

I just love my baby so much. She is starting to give me real good kisses now too 😘

Happy 9 months, baby girl!

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