Sunday, November 8, 2015

7 Month Update for Ava Marie

Ava turns 7 months old today!  Not a ton has changed since her 6 month update.  She is even more vocal now and is obsessed with her toothbrush.

Ava is still eating 5 6oz bottles a day and is consistently sleeping through the night again (thank goodness!).  The Halo Sleep Sack has been a lifesaver.  It so great that I plan on writing a review sometime soon.  Ava's bedtime is 8pm and she sleeps until 5am-7am...depending on the day.

I finally went through a lot of her 3-6 month clothing and packed a lot of it up.  She could still fit into most of it, but it's more summery clothes.  She is now in 6-9 or 6-12 month clothing and a lot of it is still too big on her.  I just switched her into size 3 diapers.

Ava still only has her two bottom teeth and hasn't started crawling yet!  She still loves taking baths and playing with her rubber ducky.  We have to force her out of the tub most nights. She'd be fine splashing in there for an hour if we let her!

I was finally able to start weening her off of her acid reflux medication. She seems to be ok so far, minus some throwing up here and there.  It is getting better each day!

Overall, Ava is a very happy baby and really only cries when she's overtired and fighting a nap.  I love her little personality and miss her so much everyday while I'm at work.  The weekends are always the best because we really get to spend some quality time together.  We love hanging out in her room and playing with her toys!

I can't wait to see some more milestones in the next month and for Ava to experience her first Thanksgiving.  She is definitely what I am most thankful for this year xoxo.

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