Saturday, October 17, 2015

6 month update for Ava Marie

My baby is 1/2 a year old already!  The last 6 months have been so memorable, and I have over 8,000 photos on my iphone to prove it :)

Ava is now weighing 16lbs 7oz and is 26 1/2 inches long.  She just had her 6 month check up today and progressing so well.

Ava Marie has learned so much in the last month and has become such a joy to be around.  She sits up like a pro and absolutely loves jumping around.  Her nickname is "Jumping Bean" as she rarely ever wants to sit still.  She's not a big fan of laying on her mat anymore and would rather sit up and play with her toys.  She loves playing with blocks and chewing on practically any toy in sight.

Ava is still eating 5 6oz bottles a day and also eats solids 2 times a day.  She loves apples, pears, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Her sleeping has finally gotten better over the last week and for the most part, is sleeping through the night again!  She also takes 2-3 naps a day.

We can't wait for Ava to experience her first Halloween this month.  She is going to be so darn cute in her little costume.  We also can't wait to take her to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. We love you babygirl!

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