Monday, September 7, 2015

5 month update for Ava Marie

Ava is 5 months old today and has grown so much in just the last month!  It's amazing how much more interactive and independent she is now.

The hardest part of this past month has been experiencing her 4 month sleep regression.  About a week after she turned 4 months, she went from sleeping 10 hours a night to waking up in the middle of the night.  It felt like I had a newborn again!  In the last week, we have gotten her back into her crib (even whipped out the swaddle again which has been a big help) and she is doing better and better each night. 

Ava is now eating baby food!  She has tried carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and pears and has loved every single flavor :)  She whines impatiently if I do not feed her quick enough.  She is still eating 5 times a day, but is now up to 6oz per feeding.  Her wake times have also lengthened and she is now taking 2-3 naps per day.  

Ava weighs 15 lbs and was measuring in the 50% for height, 35% for weight and 95% for her head circumference at her last check up!

Her two bottom teeth have just broken through over the weekend and she has started sitting up by herself.  She has suddenly become mesmerized by her Daddy!  She is very aware of her surroundings and loves watching her Daddy come in and out of the room.  She also loves pulling my hair and sticking her hand all over my face.  She has even started fist pumping!  Ava is also very vocal and screams like such a little girl, lol.  I love hearing my baby girl tell me stories.  I may be biased, but she seems so strong for such a little girl.  She loves taking her binky out of her mouth and putting it back in and has mastered picking her toys up and sticking them into her mouth.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my baby belly laugh!  I'm so excited to experience the Fall with her.  She loves staring at the leaves and trees outside.  I wish time could slow down.  As much as I get excited to see her grow, I feel a sense of sadness knowing that I no longer have a newborn.  Every day is a new milestone, and I am so overjoyed to be so lucky to experience my daughter every step of the way!  

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