Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birth Story {Ava Marie Davis}

I am so excited to share the birth story of our little girl.  I've documented most of my pregnancy and can't wait to show my daughter one day just how special she is to us, even before she was born!

I was blessed to have a very healthy, low-risk pregnancy.  My Husband and I knew we wanted to start a family shortly after marriage and we were lucky enough to find out I was pregnant exactly 2 months after our wedding day.  July 25th, 2015, our whole life changed.  We were scared to death not knowing what to expect and beyond happy our dreams were coming true.

Over the next 10 months (yes 10, not 9 contrary to popular belief!), I yearned to meet my little baby.  We had our first ultra sound at 8 weeks to confirm that our little peanut was in fact in there and then at 20 weeks had our gender ultra sound announcing that we were having a baby girl, which Mommy predicted from the beginning!  Our expected due date from the very beginning was April 2nd, 2015.

My due date had passed and I was feeling very antsy.  I had fears of her being huge (have you seen my Husband?!) and I planned on having a natural birth the entire pregnancy.  I wanted to avoid induction at all costs since I knew it would bring on a faster and harder labor.  At my 40 week 5 day check up, the Dr. said I was measuring at 2cm and 60% effaced.  She said that I'd have to come back in 2 days for a non stress test and to see if anything had progressed.  I was so afraid I'd have to be induced.  I wanted to be as natural as possible.

After my appointment, I did some shopping and then got a nice pre-natal massage, which I really think helped jump start my contractions!  9:30pm that evening, contractions started ranging from 7-15 minutes apart.  I called the Doctor frantic at 2:30am wondering if I should leave for the hospital and he insisted to wait until my contractions were 5 minutes apart steadily for an hour.  Well, this never happened, and I didn't get a single wink of sleep that night!

We are now into Wednesday and I called my Dr. around 12pm to see what I should do since I was still having contractions.  They had me come in a day early for my non-stress test which showed that my contractions still were not close enough to send me to the hospital.  I was now 3 cm and they scheduled for me to come back in on Monday to discuss induction.  I was so upset.  I cried on the way home and told my husband, I couldn't handle another night of that pain and exhaustion.  We stopped and got some Benadryl on the way so I could try to nap through the pain.

Once we got home, I took a 2 hour nap.  I stood up to use the bathroom at 4:30pm and felt like my stomach dropped.  I got to the toilet and my water broke, followed by the worse pain I have ever felt!  I tried screaming for my husband but I couldn't even find my voice. Luckily my brother was out in the hall and he was like "is everything ok?" I screamed for him to not come in and to get Ryan right away!  My Husband came storming in and I was in pain but so excited that the time had finally come!  Luckily, we had packed the car up before leaving to the Doctors a few hours prior.  I kept tracking my contractions and they were now 4-5 minutes apart.  My Husband and brother had the brilliant idea to cook omelets before we left (ugh, I hate eggs!) so they made me some macaroni and cheese.  I chowed down in between contractions until I couldn't take it any longer.

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30pm and were taken to triage to be sure my water broke.  After about a half an hour of contractions and being checked in, the Doctor confirmed I was ready to go up to labor and delivery and I was now 4cm dilated.  I was asked if I wanted an epidural and I told her no!  The pain was getting harder and harder to deal with and I felt like giving up.  My Husband was so sweet by my side helping me to breath.  I also kept getting hot flashes from the pain and he fanned me with a magazine.  I wanted to die when I told him how hot I was and he proceeded to open up the cabinets in the hospital room and search through the supplies to find something to fan me with, all while there was a huge rack of magazines right in front of him!

Once getting to labor and delivery, everything progressed extremely fast.  I was measured again around 7:30pm and was already 8cm dilated.  Luckily, my Mom and brother arrived right after because I was already getting ready to push.  There is no way to describe the pain of child birth.  My Mom said her and my brother could hear me screaming from down the hall.

My contractions were about a minute apart and I was ready to push around 8:00pm.  I couldn't believe how fast everything had progressed.  I truly believe the fact that I let my body naturally experience labor helped move the process along quickly!  I remember looking around and wondering, why are there so many medical staff in my room?  There must've been 7 nurses.  I commented and said, "Wow, there sure are a lot of you!" and they joked that they don't get to see natural birth very often so some wanted to come see.  These ladies were the best.  They cheered me on the entire labor and delivery.  In moments of excruciating pain where my family appeared scared, the medical staffed reminded me to not bare down and to breath.  I just kept focusing on the clock with each contraction to help me get through the pain and to remind myself that it was only temporary.  I was running the hardest marathon of my life and my daughter would be my trophy at the finish line.

While pushing, my Husband, Mom and medical staff kept saying they could see her head which gave me hope. I knew that in a matter of minutes, I would be holding my baby.  I kept praying that she would be ok and for God to help me through it.  I was getting very tired and worried that I wouldn't be able to get her out.  It is so hard to push for 10 seconds in increments of 3.  I literally popped a ton of tiny blood vessels in my face from pushing so hard.  After 28 minutes of pushing and an episiotomy later, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  She came out face up which is supposedly more painful.  I couldn't cry though.  I was too happy.  I felt like an angel had been sent to me.  None of the pain even mattered anymore.

Ava Marie Davis was born Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 at 8:34pm weighing 7 lbs and 21 inches.  As soon as she came out, the nurse placed her on my chest and all I could do was smile staring into her beautiful eyes and watching her cute little bottom lip quiver.  She was all mine.  And she had blonde hair!!  I couldn't believe I had a blonde baby and that she fit inside of me!  Seeing my Husband hold her brought the first tear to my eye.  I knew that he'd be the best Daddy ever and that things would never be the same.  We were now a family.

I feel stronger now.  Stronger as a woman, a wife and stronger as a Mommy.  We couldn't be more thankful for the blessing that God has given us.  I pray to be the best Mommy ever to my little girl <3  I love you Ava Marie!


  1. Oh I remember that pain! All a distant memory once you see that beautiful baby. Best wishes!

  2. Oh what a beautiful story! God bless you and your beautiful family. Your baby girl is precious.
    I'm due next Thursday and I'm so antsy, I'm ready to meet my little guy and I want to feel comfortable again. I don't want to be induced, I'm believing God for an all natural labor and delivery..and I know I can do it through Christ through who strengthens me, plus you just inspired me.
    I'll try the prenatal massage, perhaps that'll get things going and even if it doesn't, its a massage!!! You can't go wrong with that��. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Thank you! It is the most amazing experience ever. Just have faith that everything will work out and your baby will be healthy. I tried to go into it with not too much of a plan knowing that it may not work out the way I wanted. Just remember the pain is temporary and we are built to do this. Best of luck, Momma. You'll be a Mommy in just a matter of time and that is reward enough! And yes, a massage is always a good thing ;)