Wednesday, April 29, 2015

3 Week Update for Ava Marie

Little Miss Ava is 3 weeks old today!  This week has been the toughest since I've had a cold and she is going through a growth spurt.  She has mastered breast feeding though which is a big accomplishment for us!  With the growth spurt, all she has wanted to do is feed which has left Mommy very tired.  Ava hasn't slept much either the past few days, but it all shall pass soon.  

She doesn't have her next appointment until next Friday.  I can't wait to hear how much she's grown!  She has quite the little personality.  I couldn't pick just one picture, she's just too darn precious to me. 


  1. Hi :) I am a new mom and saw you had Heidi Klum's Mist 7 drawer dresser...I am distraught because I can not find it anywhere online. Would you consider selling that one piece of furniture to me? I know this is a strange question...your nursery pics were beautiful...just need that one dresser to complete my set. Please let me know either way. I would pay over what you paid for it. Thanks again from mom to mom ha. -Amber R. 717-802-2280 ...I am desperate to have it if possible...I am due in May and have all the other pieces...was going to use it as my changing table. Please let me know.

    January 26, 2017

  2. Amber R.
    717 802 2280 is my cell number. I live in Pa.