Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1 Week Update for Mommy & Ava Marie

Hi all!  I've been MIA from the blog because I was busy giving birth to my beautiful and healthy little girl!  I cannot believe the first week has flown by.  I will be posting our birthing story tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Meet little Miss Ava Marie!  She is so full of personality and a very strong little bugger.  Ava was born Wednesday, April 8th at 8:34pm weighing 7lbs and 21 inches.  She has a full head of dirty blonde hair and blue eyes (which will hopefully stay blue!).  She had her first check up on Monday and has gained 3oz which was wonderful news.  She just lost her umbilical chord today which was exciting.  She loves to eat a lot, smile in her sleep and snuggle on Mommy and Daddy's chest.  She only woke up once last night which was very nice for us to get some rest.  I never knew there could be a love like this <3

Grandma got me my first dolly which looks just like me!  I can't wait to document her growth over the next year.  They say it goes by fast, so I am just trying to enjoy every precious moment with her.

I love you, Ava Marie!

After having a natural delivery, Mommy is feeling better with each day.  I am still healing from my episiotomy and looking forward to being able to increase my physical exercise.  I can't wait to take her on nice walks this Spring.  Thank goodness for breast feeding!  I've already lost 22 of the 40lbs that I gained during pregnancy.  My Husband has been the best help ever and has taken care of the both of us during our first week home!  I hope you all are having a lovely day <3