Monday, March 16, 2015

What's in my hospital bag.

I officially finished packing our hospital bags this weekend! I'm getting super anxious to meet our daughter. I had some major cramping yesterday which was a little scary.  I don't want to over react and go to the hospital just to be sent home, so I stuck it out and did lots of movement on a medicine ball, used a heating pad and took a hot shower.  

We also loaded up her carseat and base in both of our cars this weekend.  I felt major relief knowing that everything would be all ready to go when Ava decides to make her arrival!

I received some awesome advice from some of my Instagram ladies and other Mom's which helped me decide on what to pack for the hospital.  

For Mom:
  • A robe and slippers: great for walking around the hospital while dealing with contractions.
  • Button up night gowns: they suggest not packing your nicest clothes, since some may get ruined.  I did buy some new things because I felt it was necessary.  The button up night gowns are convenient for breast feeding.
  • Nursing tank and bras: for easy access to nurse our little precious baby girl!
  • Thick socks: Because my feet are always cold.
  • Granny panties: Because giving birth isn't supposed to be glamorous!  Comfort is key :)
  • Toiletries: I was sure to pack lotion and chapstick to stay moisturized during labor.
  • Makeup and hair-ties: To try and look decent after my daughter has arrived for photos! (I do plan on showering and at least putting on some mascara before leaving for the hospital).
  • Nipple Cream
  • A coming home outfit: They say you should wear something that fit when you were 5 months pregnant, so I just opted for some comfy leggings, a tank and a cardigan to be safe!

* Not pictured: Bumpnest pregnancy pillow (aka the most comfortable pregnancy pillow ever!!), Nikon Camera (to take baby's first photos), Medicine Ball (to help with contractions), some snacks and all of my husband's stuff.

For Baby:

  • A blanket and swaddling blanket: to bring her home in.
  • Onesies and hats: I know the hospital provides this, but in case I want to dress her up - because, who doesn't love dress up!?
  • Boppy Pillow: For nursing my baby girl.  
  • Socks and Mittens: To keep baby's feet warm and so she doesn't scratch herself.
  • Some Diapers and Wipes: I know the hospital always provides this, but I'm a first time Mom, so of course I'm going to be over prepared :)
  • Her baby book: To stamp her little feet.  
  • Milestone sticker "Welcome Ava": to take one of her first photos.  I love the idea of taking milestone pictures to show her growth over the first year!
  • A coming home outfit, headbands and beanies: I can't wait to bring my daughter home in her cute little outfit :)

As you can see, my dog is very curious and had to be in both of the pictures.  He followed me around everywhere before pregnancy, and it seems to have only gotten crazier now!  I think he is trying to protect me and I am confident that he will easily adjust to his new sister.  We plan on bringing home one of her blankets before we come home with the baby so that he can get familiar with her scent.  I've also pushed the stroller around the house and played a voice recording of a baby crying.  He seemed worried for whatever he thought was crying.  I know he'll be her little protector.

My Husband surprised me with this beautiful Kate Spade diaper bag for Valentine's day.  It's perfect and I love it!  I am just so excited for the big day and to see my daughter's face for the first time.  I just keep praying that she is happy and healthy. I just hope to be the best Momma I can be to her!

Have a great day! xoxo


  1. Where did you get your button up gowns from?

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