Tuesday, March 31, 2015

40 Weeks & Snake Skin Heels.

This may be my last blog before becoming a Momma.  I laughed when I asked my brother to take these pictures for me.  He said, "aren't you too big for blog pictures?"  Yes, I'm big.  But I'm also 40 weeks pregnant and may go into labor at any moment!  I'm still working full-time which has subject me to all of the typical comments of, "oh my gosh, you're about to pop" and "you're still working?" or "you're looking rather large today".  Sometimes I'm not quite sure what goes through people's heads, but I guess it all comes with the territory!

Don't worry, these heels were only for the pictures.  As you can see my swollen feet hated me for this whole photo session - but HOW cute are these shoes!?  I can't wait to rock these after the baby arrives.  
My 40 week checkup went very well.  I'm still measuring at 1cm dilated, but now 50% effaced.  The Dr. sweeped my membranes which may naturally induce labor.  She was also able to identify that she has a full head of hair!! I'm anxiously awaiting her arrival!

Dress: The Loft | Jean Jacket: Target | Shoes: Pree Brulee | Handbag: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Versace | Bracelets: Target & Loft 

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