Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks.

I cannot believe I am 25 weeks pregnant today.  They say it goes by fast, and boy does it ever!  At 25 weeks, I'm feeling good.  My skin has cleared up and I have more energy.  Our little girl is moving  all throughout the day and loves moving most when I get home from work and sit back and relax.  My next appointment will be for my glucose testing and blood work to be sure that I do not have gestational diabetes and to check on my iron levels.  

It amazes me how people treat you differently when you are pregnant.  I guess I will just take advantage of the sweet offers to carry even the smallest of things.  I swear my co-workers are trying to make me fat considering all of the food I am constantly being offered! It's almost as though the people around you look at you differently while you are carrying a little baby inside of you.  And I appreciate all of the care and concern!  I still have many things to do over the next 15 weeks, assuming our baby girl arrives around her estimated due date which is April 2nd.  My Husband has been a doll through it all, even though I feel like I haven't been that demanding (no late night trips to the grocery store).

With all of the upcoming changes and preparations for our new arrival, you'd think I'd be freaking out by now.  But instead, pregnancy has truly given me ease.  I've never felt less stressed out in my life, even with all of the madness surrounding me day by day.  I had so many fears and worries before I ever dreamed of becoming pregnant, and I'm not saying that this is easy, but it's easier than I expected (mind you, I haven't had the experience of birth yet...).  I think I've finally come to realize what really matters and that has helped me not sweat the small stuff.  So cheers to 25 weeks and being 1 week closer to meeting my little girl!

I hope you all have a great day!

Sweater and tank: The Limited | Maternity Jeans: Motherhood Maternity | Grey booties: Target

I can't wait to see how different the holidays will be next year with having our daughter here with us... :)

Little Lenny wanted to get in on the pictures of me with my 25 week bump!

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