Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Professional Pregnancy

Sometimes it can be very challenging dressing this baby bump of mine!  I find it much easier to dress casual with a comfy pair of maternity jeans and a loose sweater.  But like many working Moms, I am required to dress professional Monday-Friday!

I've struggled most with work pants, considering I was obsessed with The Limited's exact stretch dress pant pre-pregnacy.  They are stretchy, but with a growing belly, there was only so much give.  I've resulted to dressier leggings (as long as you wear a longer top to cover your bottom) and maternity dress pants with the high elastic waistband.  

These comfy black slacks are by Liz Lange maternity from Target.  They were on clearance in store for only $12.48!  They retail for $34.99 and are available online here.  My black blazer and striped tank are from The Limited.  I also have a great pair of work slacks from Old Navy which can be found here.  

I've been asked at least once a week by a co-worker, "how long are you going to be wearing those heels?"  I'll be wearing heels as long as my Doctor allows it, even if I'm 9 months pregnant!  Just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean you have to dress like a frump. No, I won't be rocking my 6 inch heels for fear of accidentally tripping, but I will be taking full advantage of my comfier heels.  They make me feel longer and can finish off any professional look.  

I'll be 25 weeks on Wednesday and will be depending on my stretchy maternity tights and loose dresses, the bigger I get...I'm excited for my pregnancy style to evolve.  I hope you all enjoy xoxo.

Blazer & Top: The Limited | Pants & Necklace: Target | Black Pumps: Candies 

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