Sunday, November 23, 2014

Product Review: The NuMe

Ladies, search no more for a curling iron/straightener set.  I've been in love with this set for 2 years now and I am continuously asked how I curl my hair.  I've shared this with all of my closest girlfriends so I figured I'd share it with you all!

The NuMe Curl Jam set is a hair styling kit that includes a straightener and curling wand with 3 different sized attachments.  Although this set retails for $280, there are many coupon codes available. It's like buying 4 products in one!

The Fashionista Flat Iron features tourmaline-infused floating ceramic plates and does a fantastic job at straightening my hair.  I've used old straighteners before that literally made my hair smoke or would rip my hair out.  This flat iron leaves your hair silky and smooth.  

I find myself reaching more for the Tri-Fect Curling Wand, a 3-in-1 wand that has interchangeable heat barrels in 19mm, 25mm and 32mm.  My go to barrel is the 25mm, which you'll see I used on my wedding day.  It is so simple to curl your hair with the NuMe wand and much quicker than conventional curling irons.  There isn't a clamp either which results in less damage to your hair.  I literally wrap my hair and hold it on the wand for 5 seconds and voila! Tip: after curling each section of hair, hold the curl in your hand before releasing down so that your curl has a moment to cool down. This will lead to a stronger curl that will last much longer!

Many don't believe me when I tell them I did my own hair for my wedding.  I felt so comfortable doing my own curls and was sure to add hair spray and teasing for a more dramatic affect.  There are many different ways to curl your hair with 3 different sized barrels.  You can go for a hollywood glam style, some sweet pin curls or a loose beach waves look!

I also found it relaxing on my wedding day to curl my little flower girl's hair.  My cousin's daughter, Berlyn, was a perfect little model that day and loved having her hair done!  She looked stunning and fabulous!

The NuMe Curl Jam Set can be found here.  NuMe has a coupon for 60% off site wide up until Thursday!  Use the code WIDE60.  I hope you ladies enjoy!

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