Friday, November 14, 2014

New Nude Pumps.

Every girl needs a pair of nude heels in their shoe collection.  Unfortunately, my trusty Nine West pumps took a dive last week.  I thought it was a result of my growing pregnancy body and my heels not being able to handle the weight gain, but then I realized I was just being dramatic.  I wore those pumps a few times a week because they go with everything and the gradual wear and tear did it!  

I found these even better nude pumps (comfier and a slightly darker nude that is better for my skin tone) for only $39.99 at Marshall's!  They are BCBG and I'm officially in love.  

Flannel button-up: Target | Blue long-sleeved tee and statement necklace: The Limited |  Jeans: Motherhood Maternity | Wide brim hat: Pac Sun | BCBG Nude Pumps: Marshall's 

20 weeks!  Stay tuned for a blog revealing the gender of Baby Davis...coming soon :)

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